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Clos De LosSiete

Clos de los Siete

Originally from Bordeaux, Michel Rolland is widely recognized and praised for his master blending skill. He has a unique ability to taste and quickly distinguish which component wines will blend well together. Having worked with over 150 wineries across 14 countries, Michel is now the most famous and well-respected consulting winemaker in the world. Michel first traveled to Argentina in 1988. He immediately fell in love with the country’s beautiful landscape, atmosphere, culture and, most importantly, it’s fantastic wine growing potential. In his frequent return trips, Michel became increasingly determined to find the perfect location to plant vines of his own. In 1999, he discovered a special plot of land located at the foot of the Andes Mountains in the Uco Valley. Intrigued by its unique combination of high altitude, well drained soils, optimal aspect and dry climate, Michel was certain this land would be optimal for growing a variety of Bordeaux grapes, particularly Malbec. Michel returned to Argentina with six friends to purchase the plot and create Clos de los Siete, the vineyard of seven. Today, we celebrate 20 years of Michel planting his first vines in the Uco Valley and 15 years of 90+ scores.

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